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AimBot & Wall Hack

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Black Ops 2 Story

The action continues to be what the series has provided each year. Immense destruction, lots of thing to happen at the same time, a lot of noise in terms of explosions, shots and people screaming (Microsoft E3 Conference had to cover the ears such was the height of the sound). After we manage to protect the President of the United States we have access to an airplane that takes off like a helicopter. We move to the heavens of downtown Los Angeles, battling in the air, freeform, other planes. Although not impress in graphics terms, because the draw distance of horizon is very close, hidden by a yellowish haze and smoke, the gameplay itself was successful, giving a different view to the series, with the bo2 aimbot you will be a god among mortals. Hunting the other airplanes doesn’t achieve the mastery of other games in the area, but complies with what is proposed.

The Call of Duty series has adopted in recent games using crossing systems and action scene where the protagonists suffer an accident or event more violent changes the backdrop. In this demo we had several of these elements of the action. For a single demo I think were too many. When least expected there happened something that put the entire environment black, with the voice of the characters changed in slowed and the whole blurred image.

The Treyarch will introduce in single-player mode the “Strike Force”. These missions are shorter than the original storyline and will lead the player to several different locations. They are almost like the Spec Ops multiplayer mode, but now in the single-player mode. These missions offer branches the stage of war and have several purposes. Are sandbox-style missions, but within a space over the arena.

The presentation was shown one of the missions, in Singapore. We are not obliged to do the “Strike Forces”, they are sides to the single-player. We can for example up to fail the mission and enter the mission at any time. It was clarified that the missions will not change the end of the game, are small missions that contextualize the plot and give an insight into other areas.

The Singapore Mission takes place in a port, decorated the precept with all characteristic elements. These missions can jump from soldier soldier when we want. The soldiers have in over her head a green heartbeat signal. In this case we had to protect armored weaponry in the face of enemy waves attack and destroy a boat that was anchored in the port.

We can take care of small drones with enormous firepower. We can also give orders to other soldiers, they protect certain location or weaponry. All this from a top view of the events, as if we were a online spectator mode. We may also use the already famous Quadrotor.

One of the most important components of the Call of Duty series is its online mode, but in presentation at E3 was not addressed, nor revealed any kind of novelty. Outside was also the Zombie mode that has marked the games of Treyarch. It was just time for the single-player mode of the campaign, which ended in the demo with the explosion of the plane and were ejected from the cockpit.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is by merit own the largest bet series from Activision for this year, at least among all titles released by the company. The company has a product that you risk very little in terms of news in relation to previous games. This new game, and what was shown, is a refine all the elements that make the series a success. Great action, speed, fluidity and chaos at the level of explosions and epic moments. Now we wait for more information about the plot, as well as about news regarding multiplayer modes.

Modern Warfare 4 Leaked Info

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of duty – rumors condense: offshoot 2014 probably modern warfare 4

Rumored 2014 published call of duty could be a new modern warfare. Now, the YouTube user who had ghosts geleaked 2013, confirmed work on a modern warfare 4.

Call of duty 2014 is a new modern warfare – that claims of Drift0r YouTube users in a video from March 3, 2014. The rumour about call of duty: Modern warfare 4 is not wild speculation, but the 2013 by same user on YouTube, many information about call of duty: ghosts was released before the announcement.
So was approached by an employee of sledgehammer Studios at Drift0r and showed to the new project of the game developer gameplay footage and graphics files him. Drift0r said though that he previously did not know the source and has no reason to trust her. The displayed material come however from an so advanced development stage, that it could be only a new, yet unknown title or a complete modification.
The contents of the game resemble a black OPS 2 or Titanfall according to Drift0r significantly more than the previous parts of modern warfare, so clearly futuristic look a gun from him. Also should the soldiers shown on the wrists mini computer, similar to those of black OPS 2, wear.
The YouTube user could not publish image material, because this would probably reveal the sledgehammer employees. Also was» «not explicitly called. modern warfare 4 Drift0r therefore speculated that it could be perhaps a new game within the modern warfare universe may with a slightly altered name.
2014 for the first time working with call of duty sledgehammer games on an own title, previously has the Studio along with Infinity Ward working on modern warfare 3. Because Infinity Ward now works on the ghosts series and the shooter series in a changed three year cycle, can sledgehammer have taken over quite work on the modern warfare series.

Cod Black Ops 3 To be Released

black ops 3

Call of duty: Black OPS 3 – voice suggests next part of the shooter series

Call of duty: Black OPS will be 3 for call of duty: ghosts apparently represent the next part of the successful shooter series that will come later this year in the trade. This has indicated now at least voice actor James C. Burns was involved even at the two first black ops games.

After call of duty: ghosts was released last year, is this year with call of duty: black OPS 3 apparently before the next part of the successful shooter series. That suggested now at least the voice actor James C. Burns, who was involved in two black ops games already on the first two and Sergeant Frank Woods lent his voice. As burns via Twitter he said: “Oh, what will the future bring us?” Appropriately, the tweet was equipped with the Hashtag #blackops3 and #nextcod.

Officially announced a call of duty: black OPS 3 so far not yet. James C. Burns however should keep right next time should be an announcement by Activision and developer Treyarch. Call of duty: Ghosts is ready available since the November 2013 in the trade, while the shooter for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, the Wii was released on U and the PC. The original message to the remarks on call of duty: Black OPS 3 can be found under…

Call of Duty: A Story of Success

call of duty black ops success

Call of duty: The shooter was played already 2.8 million players

An interesting statistic was released by Activision for all shooter games of the popular call of duty series. The statistics reveals, for example, how many shots in all call of duty were fired, how much time the player in the shooter have spent, and much more.

How much time have you spent already to play call of duty? Activision now reveals how much time all players in the world for the entire call of duty have invested time. The fans in the games have spent no less than 25 billion hours. It converts this number, which corresponds to approximately 2.8 million years.

This means that the fans of call of duty have already played their favorite shooter summed up as there is humanity at all. But let’s get to the shots that were already fired in all call of duty.

So 100 million gamers have fired shots around 32 quadrillion. Who would like to know the exact number of which was published by Activision: 32.300. Over the years, also five times as many cars in the shooter in the air were driven as cars are registered all over the world at all.


First Black Ops 2 Aimbot Uncovered

first black ops 2 aimbot

There already hacks causing havoc among Black ops 2 Players. A new aimbot is born with a sophisticated code


A video surfaced on YouTube, the the first aimbot in the freshly released call of duty: black OPS 2 shows. It is said that the aimbot emerged less than 24 hours after the release of the shooters.

The video was deleted by a copyright claim due to by Activision now. Currently, it is unclear whether the aimbot or such scams are already on the to-do list by Treyarch.

Currently has the Studio still with other problems, such as with the connection. According to Treyarch not everyone can join and you search for the cause currently together with Sony. The connection problems occur predominantly on the PlayStation 3.

Changes are currently the backend of the matchmaking service is made, that Treyarch have the feeling that this could help. When the connection limits are however fixed, one cannot say.


Already in the run-up to Treyarch made integrated to have cheater and if possible to keep hackers security measures it clear.
Who more about call of duty: black OPS 2 learn want our test should look.



The new Apocalypse DLC Is coming

black ops 2 Apocalypse DLC

Final  Apocalypse  DLC to be released at the end of September for PC and PS3


After the Apocalypse of DLC for call of duty: black OPS 2 until late last month for the Xbox 360 released, also the PC and PS3 versions follow the end of September.

How Activision Announces, Apocalypse will come out on September 26 for both systems at a price of 14.99 euros.
Since the final DLC is part of the season, pass the buyer get the contents of course directly, without additional costs.
In addition to the four maps, the highlight is a zombie campaign, which will take you to France during the first world war. The diesel punk style-setting meeting on tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Rictofen, the hero from the first zombies map.


Following information about the four maps:


  • -Pod: A failed utopian colony from the 1970s are many dilapidated residential capsules in a deserted rock wall in Taiwan. On the modernist area, to fight on the capsules and in the multi-storey.
  • -Frost: Activision describes the map as follows: “New Zealand meets in this snow-covered European city on explosive gunpowder. A bridge over the frozen Canal divides the city into two parts and requires special strategic skills for crossing to outwit their opponents and defeat.”
  • -Takeoff: you should be already out of the first strike DLC for call of duty: black ops have played, you will encounter some similarities at takeoff. It is a located in the Pacific Ocean, twisting missile base with open spaces.
  • -Dig: Behind a remake the map courtyard from call of duty: world at war, in which about two sites after Afghanistan. Two bottlenecks, a spacious, open layout and elevated platforms are available.


Call of Duty Fans threaten developers after new patch

black ops 2 patch

COD Players go berserk after new patch is released

Patches belong to everyday games. You iron out errors, balancing classes and weapons, and often provide a facelift of graphics. You’d think a welcome thing for fans. Unless the game is called call of duty: black OPS 2 and it weakens some weapons – then the fans brandishing a sometimes death.

Fans threaten a developer with murder and manslaughter? Exactly what a new community patch for call of duty happened at Activision, as of July 23:  black OPS 2 on the Xbox 360 was released.
With this patch, modifzierte Activision also equal to three weapons in the game and she balanced so that they were not more too powerful. Following changes have been made:


  • -94: Damage has been reduced slightly.
  • DSR 50: reduced rate of fire.
  • Ballista: slightly reduced rate of fire.

This approximation should be sure that there is no strong weapon advantage in multiplayer. Such a practice is actually commonplace.  Some more hardcore players are resorting to hacks in a sort of retaliation against the latest black ops 2 patch.
Not so for many hardcore fans of call of duty: black OPS 2. Especially the fans, playing on the Xbox 360, are notorious for their dropout type, as shown by the numerous YouTube gameplay videos. That this balancing don’t like them, they let know more than direct developers David Vonderhaar.
“Finish your life you fucking cancer-F *, f I’ll be your daughter born,” a tweeter let him know while another hopes he may kill themselves. Generally, all hater wanted that Vonderhaar either kill himself or comes cruelly killed.


Vonderhaar, brought by the threats from the rest, answered questions from followers, and wrote: “Am not sure whether these fractions of seconds are worth the whole threats of violence.” What he most likely addressed, that it is pointless to write something offensive.
His colleague Dan Amrich came here to help, and denounced the behavior of the fans, who expressed their anger in such a way. It is now even Vonderhaars task, to keep the game balanced and if one finds that certain weapons are more effective or less effective during the entire multiplayer battles, you must now change this fact. That have existed in the past and that will continue to give it also in the future.
He could not imagine so, whatever reasons whatever the fans respond. One had him clear, however: it is no wonder that the world yet always so stepmotherly treats the subject of video games, if the Group of whining, immature assholes of players was also the loudest.